Light Therapy from Home

Why everyone needs a little light therapy

When I was in esthetics school, I learned about the benefits of light therapy and what it can do for your body. The science is broken down into colors. The two main colors to know about are red light, and blue light. I have heard so many testimonials of the power of light therapy from relieving joint pain to firming the skin on the face.

I visited a company in Salt Lake to get continued education. They showed me an amazing real microscopic video of the cells reaction to the light. In the video the cells would migrate to the light, rest there, then other cells would take their place in front of the light. They explained that cells can absorb 8 Juhls of energy from the light until they are “full”. They warned of cheap lights not having the capacity to deliver enough Juhls to the cells to make a difference. They said it would be no different than putting a headlamp on the red setting next to your skin. It would take hours per area to absorb the light energy.

Red Light

Red Light can help reverse and control the visible signs of aging, treats minor muscle and joint aches, absorbs deep into tissue and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, creases, folds, and furrows. In just nine minutes a day can bring near-immediate relief from a long list of health issues. [source]

Blue Light

Blue Light  can treat acne by killing the bacteria found in the skin. [source] In school, I leaned that a group did a study and found that Blue Light  was actually killing off staff infections as found in hospitals!

I love the sciences! I really want to get these for my home!

Where can you find them? Amazon or Ebay

Have your ever tried light therapy? What has been your experience with it? Are you interested in trying it like me?

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2 thoughts on “Light Therapy from Home”

  1. I actually use a SADS lamp, it’s a full spectrum light generally used for mood, I live in a gloomy city. I have noticed since using it might skin has greatly improved, to the point where most people take about 10 years off my age and I am only 27. Maybe it has something to do with it.

    I also noticed when I was traveling in Japan that at the shrines and temples they use a blue light to “clean” the ladles and such used my the public in different traditions.

    Interesting to think what helps my mood might be helping my skin too!

    1. That is really interesting about the Japan cleaning shrines Emily. It makes sense. I will have to google a SADS lamp right now.

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