How to Wash Your Mushrooms Effectively

How to wash mushrooms.  Such an easy tip!

Have you noticed that when you rinse off your mushrooms nothing happens? The dirt still remains.

While working at a charming wedding reception center, I learned this trick to make your veggie platers look amazing with perfectly white (or brown) mushrooms.

To get  a good clean,  put the mushrooms in a Ziploc Bag
. Next, add water, cover them completely, then add a teaspoon or more of salt. ( I use about 3t.) Now, shake the bag and give the mushrooms a good quick churn. This cuts the dirt and grime clean away. This is a quick process. You never want to let mushrooms soak too long.

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If any culinary folks read this, they may say to never wash mushrooms because it takes away flavor, but, after seeing how much plain ol’ dirt comes off of them, you will want to wash them every time, regardless of flavor.

Do you know of any more fruit or veggie wash techniques?

2 thoughts on “How to Wash Your Mushrooms Effectively”

  1. Wow!this is revolutionary discovery! Thank you so much for sharing!no more headache how to clean my mushrooms!:) thanks for the tip!:)
    Miss Athlétique

  2. The “dirt”seen after shaking the mushrooms in water is the inside of the cap is where the spores similar to seeds grow. This is also where a lot of the flavor is. Pick out fresh mushrooms and use promptly and they will be white. If you don’t have a small soft brush a paper towel will do if used gently. The time to prepare properly will make a huge difference in taste and texture. I suspect that if a professional cook gave this advice it was sarcasm at the expense of the one who asked. Rather like a cook who shares a recipe but leaves out a crucial ingredient or measurement.

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