DIY Makeup Setting Spray

DIY Makeup Setting Spray

You’ve probably noticed that most Makeup Setting Sprays can be expensive, but this DIY Makeup Setting Spray can be made for mere pennies!  It has only 2 ingredients and it is healthy for your skin.  What more could you ask?

I don’t know about you, but I love DIY anything. I guess you could say I’m a “do-it-yourself-er!” Most of the time, doing things and making things yourself can save you a bundle of money.

For this spray, I like to use the little 2 oz. fine mist spray bottles because they are small and I can make a small amount to use within a couple of weeks.  Then, I make a fresh batch.

DIY Makeup Setting Spray Recipe


I saved a tiny little measuring cup that came with some liquid medicine.  I keep it inverted on top of the glycerin bottle in my medicine cabinet – that way, it’s handy!


Measure the Vegetable Glycerin and put it into a 2 oz. spray bottle. Add the bottled water to fill it. Shake it gently to incorporate the water and the Glycerin.  You’ll notice that it stays clear once the glycerin is all incorporated.

makeup setting spray ingredients

Watch video tutorial for how to make this homemade setting spray here. 

How to use DIY Makeup Setting Spray

To use, spritz three or four times over your face after you have finished applying your makeup. Don’t hold the spray bottle too close, as you don’t need to make your face wet!  Just a slight mist will do. I find that it’s best to tilt my head up and hold the spray bottle about 24” away from my face while spraying it.

Also, vegetable Glycerin is considered to be hypo-allergenic, but if you think you may have any sensitivity to Glycerin, just test a small amount on your inner elbow area and wait a day or so to see.

It keeps your makeup set for hours, plus, the added bonus is that it holds moisture in your skin!

There you go!  It’s not complicated. You’ll love this!
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34 thoughts on “DIY Makeup Setting Spray”

    1. Yes. 2 teaspoons. (I will correct that in my post. I usually use a capital T for Tablespoon and lower case t for teaspoon. Sorry that was unclear!)

  1. Whipped this up tonight but added some sweet orange essential oil. Can’t wait to try it! Curious though, as to why you make a new batch after a couple weeks…? Does it go bad?

    1. No, I have not ever had it go bad, but probably because I make it in a small bottle (it fits into my makeup drawer!) I use it up within a few weeks.

    1. I have only used vegetable glycerin for this recipe. Vegetable glycerin is plant based rather than animal based.

  2. Would this work even on oily skin, with the glycerin being in it? Or would it make my skin even more oily?

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  4. I made this and it works! I used to buy “Model in a Bottle”. They just lost a customer 🙁 I tried this for the 1st time yesterday and it POURED on me! I was soaked but my makeup did not run, smear, or come off. Thanks for posting a recipe to make a small realistic amount.

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  6. Wow – I’ve never even heard of a makeup setting spray! This sounds like a great idea, though, and I love the fact that it’s made from natural/vegetable sources. I might add a couple drops of rose oil to mine. Thanks!

    1. No, they just add fragrance and give the skin a little somethin’ somethin’. If you would like to purchase oils, click on the image of the oils in the post and it will take you to buy it on amazon.

  7. I am going to make this tonight, hopefully. I am going to a Theme Park tomorrow, and since I have some acne I am planning on wearing quite a bit of face makeup. I really hope this works, because at the moment I do not have a long lasting foundation! >_<

  8. Can you use some rosewater along with the purified water? I love the scent of rosewater and it is very good for skin so was wondering if it would “counter-act” the effects of the glycerin if I added it? Thanks!

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