Cookie Package for Someone Special

Cookie Package for Someone Special!  

It’s always nice to have a quick and thoughtful gift on hand.  And who wouldn’t feel special with their very own freshly baked cookie (warm out of the oven!)  I like to give these for birthdays, little thank-you gifts , or even a “just thinking about you” treat.  I keep (or should I say “hide”) balls of cookie dough in my freezer*.  When I need freshly baked cookies, I pop them into the oven and in a few minutes, they’re ready!

Aren’t these little cookie packages cute?  They are made from CD Sleeves that I bought from Amazon .  They are made of white paper with a cute little round window!

Choose your favorite scrapbook papers and stickers!  In the photo above, you will see that I used my Scallop Circle Punch for the little green flower on the front.  (If you don’t have one, you could use ready-made stickers or cut out your own shapes.)  There are so many cute  papers and things at the craft stores or you could use these cute,adhesive, shiny  Gold Seals.

The instructions are simple.

Put the freshly baked cookie into the CD Sleeve, cut a 1” strip of scrapbook  paper in the color of your choice.  Wrap it around the sleeve and tape it on the back side.  Add a cute little sticker to the front.  See what I mean?  SIMPLE!

It’s a simple way to make someone feel special!

*I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Here’s how to hide cookie dough in your freezer.  Trust me.  I’m a mom.  I know this kind of stuff.  Get an opaque box, and mark the outside with the words “chicken liver.”  Put your cookie dough inside of the box.  Close the freezer door.  I promise.  It will still be there when you need it!

4 thoughts on “Cookie Package for Someone Special”

    1. They don’t move as much as you might think. Because the case is originally made for something completely flat, it holds pretty tight. But yes, you can always change your cookie size to make a perfect fit.

      1. Just wondering if the oils from the cookie bleed through the paper?

        So adorable! Thanks for sharing!

        1. Good question Peggy! I actually cut a piece of the baking parchment to fit inside the sleeve and put behind the cookie. This helped prevent the butter in the cookie from soaking through the paper. The front of the CD sleeve had the clear plastic window, so I didn’t worry about it.

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