Another Epic Family Night

Another Epic Family Night

Every Monday we have “Family Night”.  Family night is a designated night that we don’t schedule any meetings or other activities that take us away from home. We really try to take time to develop our relationship with our kids, and help them feel connected to us and to each other. It is something our kids have come to expect and love! In our house, it includes a good, healthy dinner, and then getting outside to play together as soon as possible.

Our last family night was a killer combination, and one we won’t soon forget.  We splurged and ordered our favorite Papa John’s pizza. Well, we might have ordered two 🙂 (I did say we splurged.) We got the “Garden Fresh” and “John’s Favorite”.

Papa Johns Garden Fresh  Papa Johns Favorite

I love, love, love the Garden Fresh, and love, love, love that because it is so good, the kids don’t complain about me ordering a “veggie” pizza. And, you can’t stop there, because if there is a menu item named after the owner of the restaurant, how do you not order it! They were both amazing, as usual. Because everyone at our house loves Papa Johns, their full, happy tummies set the stage for another epic family night.

Papa Johns No Leftovers  Papa Johns happy kids

As we were just finishing with dinner, some neighbors came by on some bikes, and rollerblades.  Yes, I said rollerblades. We knew immediately what our night would entail.  My husband went to the deepest, darkest corner of our storage where we have had our rollerblades stored for over a decade.  We were inevitably going to look pretty ridiculous on some blades that we hadn’t ridden in 10 years, so we decided to top it of with some costumes. (I can’t say this is uncommon in our household). Soon we had recruited a few families, and we were on the streets parading a myriad of Halloween costumes…in April.

Papa Johns Pizza

The kids were laughing, the adults were laughing, and we made quite the spectacle, and quite the memories. It was a family night that will go down in history.

Family Night Papa Johns

Thank you Papa Johns, and thank you trusty Chicken, Frankenstein, and Santa costumes!


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Papa John’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

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