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The Mamas Girls

Who are the Mama’s Girls?

We are three sisters and our mom. We all grew up in the same house and were raised by the same mom, yet each one of us turned out different. We each have our own strengths and interests. While some love cooking and crafting, others like design, saving money and do-it-yourself projects. We are all constantly learning how to keep our families healthy and happy. We also all have very different personalities, from “a little bit shy” to “class clown”. Because of our differences, we offer a unique variety of blog posts. On our blog, we share everything from our tried and true recipes, to fun DIY projects, life tips, products we love, beauty advice, and ways to teach our kids. Find out a little bit more about our roles and who we really are below.


I’m Becky, the “Mama” of the Mama’s Girls. My girls usually call me Mom, but sometimes they call me  “Mo” (which is short for “Mom!”) My role, besides creating content for posts, is to handle the business operations, keep things organized and try to hold it all together! Read more about “Mama” Becky here.

Let me introduce you to my girls.





Marie is my oldest daughter. Besides creating content for posts, she handles our Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing. I’ll let her tell you a little bit about herself.  Read more about Marie here.






This is Laurel. Laurel is my second daughter. Besides creating content for posts, she is the one who designed our site and does our graphics on the photos. Laurel will tell you about herself here.







And the youngest of the family is Ali.  Ali also creates content for posts. Plus, she handles our Social Media & Advertising. She is hip and tech savvy! She is from the younger generation, so she gets it!  Ali, it’s your turn… Read more about Ali here.




Feel free to stop by and leave us a comment or email us anytime.  We would love to hear from you!