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Christmas Tree Pretzel Wreath Ornaments


Christmas is all about tradition around our house. As part of our Christmas tradition, we make “Cookie Guys” for the Christmas tree every year, but I think these Christmas Tree Pretzel Wreath Ornaments are going to be the start of a new tradition. The kids like to  help make ornaments for the tree and all kinds of other holiday decorations for around the house. These Christmas Tree Pretzel Wreath Ornaments are easy, cute and inexpensive to make. And except for some help with the hot glue gun, the kids can put these together! (Remember that because they are hot glued, they are not edible though.) Click HERE for the link to our “Cookie Guys” Ornaments. Your tree can be looking Christmas-y in no time!


You’ll notice that there is a front side and a back side to the pretzels. the pretzel on the right has dark spots where it was baked on the pan. This is the back side. The pretzel on the left is prettier! For each wreath, you will need 8 miniature pretzels.

Preztel Ornaments - step 1

Using ribbon or braid, thread it through the pretzels as shown above. You’ll need about 18″ per wreath. (I chose this tiny white flower braid to resemble snowflakes!)

Pretzel Christmas Ornaments - step 2

Carefully turn the wreath over so that the back side of the pretzels are facing up and arrange it into a circle with the sides of the pretzels touching.

Hot Glue Pretzel Ornaments - step 3

The ribbon will help you to hold the pretzels in place as you glue them with a hot glue gun.(Don’t use the low-temp glue – it will not hold when hung on the tree near the warmth of the mini-lights. (The lights give off a little bit of heat which can soften the low-temp glue.) On the back side, put a small “glob” of hot glue where the pretzels touch. (Notice the little globs of glue will be hidden by the ribbon or braid once you turn it over to the front.)

Pretzel Ornament

Secure the ends of the ribbon or braid with hot glue on the back. Glue a cute ribbon bow onto the front and hang it up on the Christmas tree using an ornament hanger or piece of ribbon! Aren’t these cute?

They are a bit delicate (and have non-edible glue on them) so place them on the tree where little ones can’t get to them.

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