Make New Towels More Fluffy & Absorbent

One thing my husband loves is a big fluffy towel. There have been couple of times, when I have been stumped about what to buy him for a gift, I have bought him a new set of thick, fluffy towels! When I shop for new towels, I look for the biggest, softest, fluffiest towels. The problem is that then when we use them for the first time, they don’t seem to be as absorbent as they should be. I have learned that when towels are manufactured, the are treated with a fabric softener, which makes them have a soft and fluffy feel in the store, but it leaves a coating on the fibers that can actually repel water!  Hmmm…

So, to remove the factory added fabric softener from the towels, I do the following:

When the towels are new, I wash them in the hottest water with 1 cup white vinegar. (I first allow the washer to fill with the hot water, then add the vinegar. I add the towels last. This way, the vinegar is diluted in the water.)


During the rinse cycle, when the washer has filled with the rinse water, I add 1/2 c. baking soda and continue the rinse cycle as usual.

baking soda

One caution, don’t try to hurry this process by adding the baking soda and the vinegar at the same time!  I’m sure you have done those 3rd grade science experiments where the chemicals in the vinegar and baking soda react with each other and start to errupt like a volcano!  (BTW, it’s never a good idea to mix chemicals unless you positively know what you are doing!)

Dry the towels on high heat.

If you notice over time, your towels just don’t smell fresh even after washing. this technique can be repeated to make your towels smell really fresh again!

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