Make Gift Boxes from Old Christmas Cards

Make Gift Boxes from Old Christmas CardsCan you believe it’s almost Christmas again?  Where has the year gone?  (I think, the older I get, the faster time goes!)  It seems like we were just at a New Year’s Eve party!

Here is a fun and quick project that anyone can do for Christmas! And the kids will love making these!

These cute little gift boxes are a great use of old, (or maybe new) Christmas cards.  You can make these from old Christmas cards that you may have saved up over the years, from those extra couple of cards in the bottom of the box that you didn’t need, or you can look for cute boxed Christmas cards on the after-Christmas sales!  In fact, if you have a cute scrapbook paper that is heavy like cardstock, you can use that too!

Let’s get started.

Start by cutting the card on the fold line.  The FRONT of the card will become the TOP of your box.  The BACK of the card will become the BOTTOM of your box.

step 1

To find the exact center of the card, use a ruler or straight edge and lightly draw an “x” with a pencil in the center of the card (do this by placing the ruler from corner to corner.)

step 2

Fold the short edge of the card so that the edge meets the “x” in the middle.  Crease it neatly.  (I like to use the side of the pencil to crease it flat.)

step 3

Then fold the other end in to meet the “x” also (both ends will be touching in the middle.)

step 4

Now, do the same with the sides of the box.  Fold them in to meet the “x” in the center and crease neatly.

step 5

(The top of your box should look like the photo above.) Now, snip the long end just to the fold line as shown above (see the red arrows.)

step 6

Fold the end pieces in (they will slightly overlap each other.)  Secure with transparent tape.

step 7

Turn the box on it’s end and fold up the edge on the end and secure with transparent tape as shown above.

step 8

Now, take the other half of the card. This will be the BOTTOM of the box.  Cut off a sliver from each edge, about 1/8″ or so. (This is to make sure that the bottom of the box will be slightly smaller than the top of the box so that the lid will fit on easily.)

Repeat the same steps for the bottom of the box.  When both halves are finished, fit the top lid onto the bottom of the box.

Your box is now ready for gift giving!

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