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Welcome fellow bloggers and friends. If you are wanting to grow your traffic here is a good way to do it, no matter how big or small your blog is. By utilizing each others circles, we can all benefit from a Blog Society.

The Mama’s Girls Blog Society is a Social Media Sharing Community for DIY, Homeschooling, Lifestyle, Mommy, Organization, Home Decor, Cooking and other similar blogs.

As you know, social media is a huge power source for traffic. If you have a community that is regularly liking, re-pinning and sharing what you have to say, there is no doubt that your traffic will grow.

To be an active member, get to know the bloggers in your Blog Society and help them grow by re-pinning their pins, +1 their Google+ Posts, Like their Facebook Posts and Tweets and most of all Comment, comment, comment. Of coarse, you don’t have to share everything that everybody posts, just when you are browsing and see it, give your sisters a shout out! Remember, when you are doing this, your Blog Society is doing this for you as well! Watch your stats grow.

The best way to grow is to help each other along the way. We have put this society together to support one another in our efforts.

A little extra effort for major results.

To Apply to Become a Member:

  1. Create a grab it  button for your blog. (200 x 200 pixels will keep us all uniform) See how to do this here. Its Easy.
  2. Create a New Page on your Blog Called My Blog Societylike this.
  3. Grab ours and the members of the Blog Society’s buttons from Blog Society’s Buttons Page .
  4. Add others that you want to include and help grow as well. Let’s snowball this Society! ***(Make sure to contact them if they are new and tell them what you are doing. Send them a link to this page.)
  5. Next, follow each blogger in the Blog Society on the  Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. (They should all have links on their homepage to make it quick.)
  6. Finally, e-mail us a link to your society page and the code for your grab it button. We will then accept you into the Blog Society and will place your grab it button for others to grab as well.

This form of support group is very effective in growing your social media following. Let’s share the love people! Sharing is Caring!

Spots will be limited so lets get this Blog Society off the ground quick and start helping each other grow!

How many members do you think will be manageable? Input?

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