How to Survive Camping with Kids

How to survive camping with kids - great tips!

When we first started camping with our kids, we decided to camp within 20 minutes of our house.  Just like when you are potty training kids, you stay near a toilet….or you will be sorry.  We needed to train the kids (or ourselves) to camp.  It isn’t easy, but is totally worth it in my book.

Here are some insider tips for having a successful camping trip with little ones.


  1. BRING A FIRST AID KIT!!!!!!!!!!  My number one tip is to bring a first aid kit.  Camping = injuries.  Remember when I said camping is worth it?  It really is.  Even with the injuries.  Sometimes you have to risk the scraped knees and bug bites!  I have 2 kits that I LOVE!  One is a basic first aid kit that is way better than a kit you will pick up at the grocery store, get a good first aid kit.  It is the kit I keep in my backpack when we hike or go to a water park.  This is my basic “everyday” first aid kit.  It is perfect for when you are “camp training” 20 minutes from your house.   I like to be a little more prepared.  We go camping about 2 hours from home.  This kit is the best!  It is called the Professional Series Medical Kit from Adventure Medical Kits.  Go check out the awesome stuff it in that thing!  It can help with most injuries that I can think of: bug bites, slivers, cavity falls out of tooth, burns, broken bones, scrapes, cuts, etc.  Seriously I love this thing.  I keep it in my car and hope that I don’t ever have to use it.  I received complementary or reduced-cost first aid kits from Adventure Medical Kits.




Adventure Medical Kit
Of course on our “hike” (one mile) someone would jump off something and bleed. BRING A FIRST AID KIT!!!

2.  Bring Extra: Bring extra everything…blankets, marshmallows, flashlights, batteries, snacks, water, socks, clothing, toilet paper.  Really, you never know when your kid is going step in a giant puddle and have soaking wet socks.  Or when your flashlight runs out on your way to take your kid to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Bring extra…Enough said.

3. Don’t bring things to entertain your kids: Don’t bring the iPad and the Pokemon cards.  Leave all the kid junk at home.  Kids might be bored at first, but soon they will be building hideouts and telling ghost stories.  It is so good for them to run around in nature and be kids.  I love watching my kids invent things to do.

4.  Bring Roasting Sticks: Kids love roasting stuff on a fire. (Make sure they are supervised)  Marshmallows, hot dogs, Starbursts.  I told my husband that I really want these safety roasting sticks, because I am one of those mom’s who is always saying “you are going to poke someones eye out!”  The person who invented those needs an award.  I hope I get some for Christmas.

5. SIMPLICITY: Don’t try to make a fancy dutch oven dinner on your first night camping with kids.  Hot dogs will be great.  Don’t try to impress your kids, just have fun with them.



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