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How to Make Silverware Jewelry

DIY Silverware Jewelry

I have always wondered how to make silverware jewelry. The first time I saw silverware jewelry was when I was a kid. My sister had a spoon ring. Now I see really creative silverware jewelry at local boutiques. (As great as it is to support local vendors, I really wanted to learn how to make silverware jewelry on my own.)

After doing some research about silverware jewelry, I learned where to get the right kind of silverware (it must be real silver plated flatware), and the right tools needed.

I must admit, most blogs will say something like “It is so easy!” but it was a pretty big challenge with a huge learning curve. Because I had not made silverware jewelry before, I had a lot to learn by trial and error.  I hope to share my mistakes with you so that you can do it right the first time;) unlike I did. (I bought a lot of silverware so I had plenty to practice on)


Tools used to make Silverware Jewelry

  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Electric Sander
  • Towel or thick fabric
  • Drill

What tools I wish that I had before I started and why:

(I made the ones shown without these tools but it would have been nice to have)

  • Mallet  – Hammers leave marks! Use a Nylon or rawhide mallet.
  • Anvil – For pounding on a really flat surface.
  • Vice  – because it is hard to bend the thick parts and it would be nice to have something to really hold it in place for more leverage
  • Rubber Coated Pliers or Rounded Jewelry Pliers because my pliers left marks on the soft surface of the silverware

Silverware Jewelry Tutorial

What I learned about making Silverware Jewelry as a Beginner

  1. Silver is softer than most of your tools, and the tools will leave marks scratches and dents if you don’t protect it with a thick towel (my little remedy) or buy the right kind of tool in the first place;)
  2. Silverware is easy to bend on the thin parts but very difficult in in the thick places. Use a vice as your best friend and remember to protect the soft silver.
  3. Use a solid flat surface for flattening the silverware.
  4. Use a metal specific drill bit when drilling holes, wood ones will do the job but will ruin your bit.
  5. Have patience. You are just learning!


IMG_6781silverware jewelry clasp

Beginner Steps : How to Make Silverware Jewelry

  1. Select your piece of silverware and your project.
  2. Protect the Silverware with a towel and bed into desired curve. (I bend before cutting to have more leverage and more to hold onto.
  3. Measure the Silverware and cut off the excess.
  4. Drill holes if needed. Depending on where the hole needs to be, you may be able to do this first while the silverware is flat.
  5. Sand off rough edges
  6. Flatten if needed.
  7. Finish

Places for inspiration:


Jewelry Ideas


11 thoughts on “How to Make Silverware Jewelry”

  1. This is an awesome tutorial for beginners! Thank you for saying that it really isn’t that easy! Even with all the tools it can sometimes be a challenge to make some if the more intricate items. I have also done a lot of trial and error. I made a ring out of the tines of a fork and it was tough to finish. But rings are just kind of difficult to begin with. Again thank you for sharing this!

  2. I want to thank you for your lovely post on making silver plated jewelry. I too went through your trials and got some confidence and a few tips from you. It is a hobby that requires physical hand strength to bend and manipulate but it is very satisfying when you polish and see your labour looking wearable!

  3. Just be careful,it is illegal to deface coins in any way if they are still in circulation. It is punishable by law and you could be given a heavy find or even jail time. I know it’s crazy but it’s the law.

  4. Years ago I found my great great grandmother’s silverware. Many pieces were missing. I kept them anyway and after studying your information I have made a bracelet and a bracelet cuff..they are true treasures with meaning. Thank you!!

    1. That makes me so happy! I am glad that the silverware can get some more mileage and give you something to remember your ancestors! I love sentimental items like that. If you put it on Instagram or social, tag us @themamasgirls! I would love to see how it turned out.

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