How to Iron a Shirt With A Flat Iron

When it comes to a busy morning, I like to combine as many steps as I can to get out the door faster. One you may not have tried is ironing your shirt while doing your hair! This flat ironing technique works best with button up tops but  you can try it with other ironable clothing/scarves as well.

Whether I air dry or tumble dry, my button up shirts end up with wrinkled trim. I think using my flat iron is the best life hack for ironing those parts. Iron your shirt the easy way! I actually can’t remember the last time that I got out my ironing board.

To iron my shirt with my flat iron (I have been hooked on my Infrashine Flat Iron since 2006. Gone through two!), I tested the heat and cleaned the ceramic with a slightly damp towel. The setting I used was medium heat but you may want to start on low because all flat iron temperatures vary. Then I held out the shirt and ironed it while I was wearing it. I had a layer underneath to protect my skin from the heat. If you do it this way, take care not to burn yourself. Make sure to keep constant motion. Also, if it needs a light steam, give your shirt a quick fine mist spray with a spray bottle first.

How to Iron a Shirt With A Flat Iron

iron around buttons with a flat iron

Iron your shirt with a flat iron

iron your shirt the easy way with a flat iron

Have you ever tried this? Do you have any other helpful, time-saving ironing tips?


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