How to Hull a Strawberry

How to Hull a Strawberry

There are many ways to remove the hull of a strawberry. Some ways require special little tools.  Some just require a paring knife, but there may be a lot of waste (and who wants to waste any of that delicious strawberry?) I have found a simple way to remove the stem and hull.

It is as simple as this:

After washing your strawberries, just use an ordinary drinking straw and insert it into the pointed end of the strawberry.  Push gently up and the little green “wig” pops right off!  You have a perfectly hulled strawberry with very little waste!

hull a strawberry

I couldn’t resist adding this next photo…

hull strawberry without a knife

Here are my six-year-old granddaughter’s cute little hands  helping me hull strawberries.  She said “that’s why they call them “straw” berries!”  (She was able to help me hull a bunch of strawberries for our smoothies and because there were no knives involved, it was safe for her to do too!)


The strawberries can then be frozen for smoothies, to make jam or sliced for fruit salad.

strawberry halves

Kids love to help in the kitchen. This is a fun way to get them involved in meal prep!

Using a straw to remove the hull is so easy!  “That’s why they call them “straw” berries!”

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