How To Fix the Run in your Nylons

How to Fix a Run in Your Nylons

I have the hardest time with keeping my Nylons in good shape. Whenever I put them on, my nails (I keep them short) gouge a hole in them causing them to run.

Today, it happened again. This time it was on the hip and because that part doesn’t show, I wore them anyways. I knew that it would be that pairs last night to dance.

But then, I remembered something that I heard a long time ago. I heard that you can use clear nail polish to prevent them from running more.

All you have ┬áto do is trace the perimeter with the polish. Make sure to saturate it well. I put a peice of paper inside the leg to prevent it from soaking through to the layer behind it. Its dry now and I gave it a good stretch. It didn’t lengthen the run! It worked! I will update you as to how it holds up through the next few wash and drys. If you have any tights or Nylons with a run in the toe, go try this out! I used CND Fast-Set Top Coat. Keep on dancin’ baby.Stop the runs in nylons Do you have any suggestions for mending or preventing nylon runs?

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9 thoughts on “How To Fix the Run in your Nylons”

  1. In the “old” days we put on a pair of soft gloves before putting nylons on. Of course we wore gloves when we went out and don’t forget the hat and purse!!!!

  2. I find if you spray hairspray around the place you tear them eg ankles or knees it makes them stronger. You don’t need a lot but I always spray my ankles and my knees to prevent contact tears has worked for years.

  3. Mary Lou Mallendick

    We carried nail polish in our purses, which caused another set of problems when it leaked, lol. Most of the time we used the polish when the ran started–while wearing the nylons! I remember when panty hose came out. Whhhooo Hoooo. But so sad it one leg got ruined and the other was still fine. Get the scissors and cut off the offending leg. wear two panty hose at once. Yes, I’m a “Boomer” from the 50’s.

  4. I always wash mine first in a salt water bath and freeze them before I wear them. Wash with just a 1/4 cup of salt in a qt of warm water. Let nylons sit for 30 mins. Remove from the bath and wring until damp. Place the pair in a zip lock to go into the freezer over night. In the morning, remove from the bag and let dry naturally. Then you are ready to go!!

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