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How to Enclose Your Garden To Protect From Critters

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Freedom Outdoor Living for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today I want to share with you my garden space and how I keep all my lil’ critters out!

how to enclose a garden for protection

How to Enclose Your Garden To Protect From Critters

I have a lot of critters around my place. These are not your typical critters, but they are by definition critters. They possibly could even sometimes be considered little varmints when it comes to playing outside in the garden.

By critters/varmints I am talking about:

a. digging/picking hands of small children

b. chickens

c. dog

This spring, between the transition of the greenhouse and tilling the garden, there was a pile of dirt along the back fence. My little varmints dug up the place all day long. They loved it.

I did not think about the repercussions of allowing them to do that. When it came time for planting, I planted some berry bushes along the fence. It lasted about a day before it was chopped to a nub with plastic shovels. I was moved to buy a fence.

My thoughts were. If “chicken wire” can keep chickens out of gardens, then it should be able to keep children out of the “digging spot”, right?

It did accomplish the goal, but I was the bad guy who fenced off their little patch of heaven. This is what the wire fence looked like after we put the garden in.


how to close off a garden

I admit the chicken wire was a pretty charming fence, and I would have kept it like that, but it was not effective when you have a one year old swinging on the wire to try to knock it over or reach what was inside the garden. The wire got pretty misshapen it only a short amount of time.

chicken wire around garden alternative

I was presented with the opportunity to get a REAL fence, the Barrette Freedom Outdoor Living Connections that are sold at Lowe’s. I was very excited about putting something a little more durable up, so I put in my order that night. I got enough for some other projects too. When my shipment arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas. I had the boxes open and covered my a/c unit before my husband got home from work. It was actually really fun to build, like a mom’s version of Legos. The next day, I put together a trash can hideout. (pictures below post). I am dreaming up endless possibilities with this fencing now.

Finally, I got to the main objective. The garden. It took me a few tries figure out what configuration I wanted it in, but thankfully they are so easy to slide together, it is not much effort to play around with it.

This is what I settled on, and I love how it turned out.


how to enclose a garden to protect from chickens

garden fences

how to enclose a garden to protect from critters

how to close a garden off

keep kids out of garden ideas

I also love the little mini gate (hardware also purchased at Lowe’s).

garden gate

how to enclose a garden to protect from children

One of the best things about this is, when it is time for the greenhouse to come back up, I can take this whole thing down in 20 minutes flat.

If you are looking for a solution to your garden varmints. I highly recommend heading to your local Lowe’s, or visiting them online.

How Connections Decorative Fencing is assembled:

  1. De-package panels and post kits
  2. Remove all caps from posts
  3. Hammer first stake into ground
  4. Slide the first post onto the stakes (placement: square shaped hole in the center of the post)
  5. Slide first panel into post
  6. Get a visual for where the next stake goes
  7. Hammer. Slide. Slide. Repeat.
  8. Re-apply the caps when the project is finished.

garden fence

barrette connections

vinyl garden fencing

Facts about the product:

  • There is no digging  or drilling required!
  • Easy to install.
  • Found at Lowe’s.
  • Requires no hardware (unless you make a gate).
  • No glue or concrete footers.
  • Adjustable for uneven or graded ground.
  • Easy up, easy down. Reconfigure as needed.
  • Portable if needed.
  • Available in three heights and panels can connect on all four sides of the post.
  • Connections™ fencing is pure awesome.
  • You can enter for a chance to win a custom package of Connections Decorative Fencing on our Instagram Account from (7/14/16  –  7/16/16) GIVEAWAY!!!!!

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What would you make with these Connections Decorative Fencing?


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