Homemade Frozen Princess Cake for Beginners

Frozen Princess Cake Tutorial for Beginners

Sometimes I get on Pinterest to look at cake ideas and think, “That is so cute! There is no way mine would turn out like that though.”
For my daughters second birthday, I needed a Homemade Frozen Princess Cake for Beginners. I have no experience with fondant, am nowhere near the skills of say, Ashlee Marie, but I decided to go for it {the things we will do to see our children smile}.

I found out that marshmallow fondant is pretty easy. I actually made it in the microwave. See recipe here.

Then, I rolled out enough fondant to cover my blue velvet cake with vanilla frosting in between. The cake had cooled and I put it on like a blanket and formed it around the cake.

fondant made in the microwave

Next, I took the remainder of the marshmallow fondant and added in some blue food coloring and mixed it in part way with my gloved hands. It looked like swirly ice because I did not mix it all of the way.

coloring fondant with food coloring

After rolling the ice-looking fondant, I cut the edges to look like icicles then placed it over my white layer.

frozen themed cake

The rest was just ready made icing and clear sugar-like sprinkles.

Easy Frozen Cake - Beginners Welcome!!!

This toy set is what made it come to life. No way in heck I would try to form Elsa and Ana, that would end up on the Pinterest Fail website for sure.

Supplies that you will need to recreate a cake like this:

*note: small pieces may be a choking hazard. supervised play recommended for this set.

Well what do you think? If I can do it, you can too!

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  1. What a brilliant tip! I’m beginer at baking and this tip is so helpful for me. As mother I have to prepare sth really beautiful for my lovely daughter. Thanks for your help. Have a nice day!

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