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Double Burner Propane Camp Stove Review

propane camp stove review for camp cooking



My neighbor was a little under the weather. I decided to make her (and her 6 kids) some of my mom’s chicken noodle soup. Making dinner is the last thing that a mom wants to do when feeling sick. She has been such a great neighbor, it is the least that I could do.

Her son was over playing so the kids helped make it. As I was about to put the pot on the stove, I remembered that my husband had just connected the propane to our new stove for me. I asked if they wanted to cook it outside. They cheered “Yass!” Anyways, I remembered that I had this new awesome stove on the back patio all ready to go,  so we cooked the soup outside while the kids rode bikes and scooters across the cement pad. It worked great. It was kinda fun to cook outside, even though it was only 38 degrees outside. For here, that is not even jacket weather apparently. Both kids stripped off their coats and played in the sun. I kept suggesting the coats but they said it felt nice out. But I don’t believe them because they asked for hot cocoa stove review

Double Burner Propane Camp Stove Review

I tested out the settings on the stove and it impressed the kids. On highest setting, the flames engulfed my pot. I only did that for show. Most of the time I kept it at a slow boil, and then tested out the simmer, just for fun. I was surprised, it simmered well. I have not been able to get many camp stove to simmer. With my other camp stove, it’s use on high or flame goes out. This stove kept a nice blue flame, just warm enough for a simmer .

See this stove in action: Video here.

I am so excited for summer now. This thing is going to be WELL LOVED. We love camping.

Full disclosure: I received this stove to review in exchange for a review.

This is the one that I got. Nice eh!?

I assembled the stand myself and fortunately it was a piece of cake, but I could not disconnect the propane from our barbecue, so I needed help with that. Anytime my husband tightens things down, he is the only one that can get it off. Even baby bottle lids! He doesn’t know of his super human strength.

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  1. We gave this to our son for Christmas and he hasn’t been able to use it yet. But he was happy we got it for him. All the pieces got delivered!

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