DIY Water Resistant Labels

DIY Water Resistant Labels

When it comes to labeling things, it is usually meant to be more permanent. I came up with a way to make simples labels more resilient from wear and tear (even water resistant!)

Next time you are labeling something, after writing/printing on the labels, spray a heavy coat of Polyurethane or Clear Acrylic Coating and let it dry completely before apply the labels. This will save you from re-doing it in a few months!

(P.S. If you are wondering about my painting/spraying mat in the picture below, I use a thin laminate board, kinda like this, over my table top to go under all my crafting projects for easy cleanup and furniture protection.)

Make labels water resistant and more durable with one simple step

Here it is on my Nalgene Bulk Containers that I use for bulk spices. Basil was treated, Oregano was not. Both ran under hot water for 2 minutes. Cool huh?

Oregano - untreated DIY waterresitan labels

With all the free printable labels online, the sky is the limit!

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  1. You ladies are the best. I LOVE DIY stuff. your remedies for ” natural” fixes are right on. I no longer have my book where I collected “correct error” issues so I go to your site & am always able to find a remedy. Thank you

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