diy Magnetic Pen Holder

DIY Magnetic Pen Holder.

I made this cute project at a mothers group (not therapy, just fun).  They were supposed to be for “love notes”, but I am the only girl in my house and I might be the only one who appreciates love notes.  I am also the only one who writes love notes…maybe I should write love notes to myself.  Great idea.

I figure if my boys can’t appreciate a good love note, then they might appreciate knowing where to find a girly looking marker or pen.  Ok, as I write this, I realize that they probably won’t appreciate that either.  But I do.  I am obsessed with markers and colored pens and I hate pencils.  I really do.  They are the worst.  Pens and markers rule! Now on to the project…

What you need:

Eclipse Mint Tins

Spray Paint (I used this awesome Chalkboard Spray Paint)

Magnents (like these)

E6000 Glue


So easy!  Eat all of the mints in one sitting.  Or put them in a plastic bag to save for later 🙂  Then glue the magnets to the back.  When that dries, spray paint them whatever color you want.  Let that dry, and you have an awesome pen holder, or a love note holder (if your family likes verbal affection).

  • Maybe I should fill mine with dirt or corndogs!  My 3 sons would enjoy their mother’s craft project for sure.  Genius.  Best mom ever!  No really, can you imagine if I shoved corndogs in these.  “Kids, lunch is on the fridge.”  The uses are endless!

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  1. I love this idea! I’m always hunting for a pen in the kitchen to jot something down before I forget it. I’m pretty sure my one and only daughter would love a mailbox for love notes, too, but our three boys would probably appreciate food more – even the four-year-old! Haha 🙂

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