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Simple DIY Glitter Tape Dispenser for Multiple Rolls

Simple DIY Glitter Tape Dispenser for Multiple Rolls

A little while ago, I bought a multipack of glitter tape to use for various projects. After opening it, I had no clue how I was supposed to store them. Because it is ribboned tape (meaning it has a paper protectant on the sticky side, once the packaging sticker was taken off, the tape could unravel. I wanted an easy way to store these that I didn’t have to use other tape to keep them tightly wound. I decided to make a multi-colored tape storage box.
What I used:
Glitter Tape

Small Cardboard Box
1 Pen
2 Pencils
Xacto Knife
Spray Paint

First, I cut two slits in the front of the box. (2, because I had two dowels/rows of tape) IMG_4174
Next, I lined up the tape to where I wanted them to rest in the box and marked the center hole with a pen. Then used that mark to push the pen through the cardboard to make a whole for the dowel or pencil to rest in. (Do this on both sides of the box)
Third, spray paint the outside of the box and let it dry completely.
Last, I placed all the Glitter Tape onto the pencil as I inserted the pencil through the holes.
Simple DIY Glitter Tape Dispenser. EASY!
What a fun way to use my tape! I just have to pull out the length that I need and cut it off.

Have you ever made something like this? Please tell us about it!

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