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When the weather gets cold and dry, my hands get so chapped that they crack! Though I try to wear gloves when possible, there are just some things you cannot do while wearing gloves! I have been using this Skin Repair Balm and it has protected my hands from the cold and softened them when they are dry and chapped.  This is also great for cracked heels and elbows or anywhere you have a rough dry patch. Because this is a balm, rather than a lotion or cream, it will protect your skin from the elements and lock in moisture.

This balm is quite thick, in fact, to use it, I scrape a small amount from the jar with the back of my thumbnail. But it melts into my skin immediately creating a protective barrier and moisturizing it at the same time! The secret to the protective barrier is White Beeswax and Lanolin. These are waxy substances that create a coating on your hands that is almost like wearing gloves!  I never go out into the cold without this. Just to keep the balm soft enough to rub into the skin, I add Sweet Almond Oil. All of these can be found in health food stores or on

These little white 2 oz. jars can be purchased at health food stores or on

Most recipes for beeswax hand creams need to be made in a double boiler. My recipe is so much easier and less messy because I use a quart-size freezer bag and set it in boiling water. When I’m done, I just toss out the bag!

I grate my beeswax, but you can buy beeswax pellets online (the pellets are easier, just a little bit more expensive…)

grated beeswax

Measure and put the following into the quart size freezer bag (it must be a freezer bag – regular plastic bags will melt in the boiling hot water!)

4 tablespoons grated white beeswax or pellets

2 t. lanolin

2 oz. sweet almond oil

5 – 6 drops Myrrh essential oil (if you don’t have that one, you could use Lavender to soothe, but Myrrh is known for chapped skin relief)

beeswax and almond oil

Bring a pot of water to a boil on the stove and when it has reached a rolling boil, TURN OFF the heat. Hold the bag in the hot water for about 2 minutes or until completely melted. (I’m a little lazy, so I used a chopstick and a clothespin to hold mine in the hot water!) Just one caution…don’t let the plastic freezer bag directly touch the sides of the hot pot. It will melt a hole in it! (I know this from experience!)

melt ingredients

While the balm is still hot and liquid-y, set the freezer bag on a paper towel and carefully snip off a corner. Hold the opening over the clean 2 oz. container and fill the container with the liquid balm.  Allow to cool.

pour into container

Put the lid on the container and use as needed. (Do not use this balm if you are allergic or sensitive to any of these ingredients.)

The greasy feeling of the balm will absorb into your skin as you massage it in, but what I do if I’m in a hurry is, I slather it all over my hands, then rub them under running warm (not hot) water.  The warm water removes the excess oiliness quickly and leaves the protective waxy barrier on my hands.

For dry, cracked heels, massage the balm into your dry feet at bedtime and cover with some cotton socks. In the morning, they’ll be as soft as a baby’s bottom!

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  1. What a great idea !!! My feet and hands crack so bad they bleed and I really need to try this. Thanks 🙂


  2. I made this stuff and used it on my heels. It’s amazing. Best recipe I have ever tried for dry skin. Great post!!

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