DIY Burlap Banner for Thanksgiving

DIY Thanksgiving Banner

We have another creative guest for you today. Meet Shambray. She has a simple project for us that she made for her house to not only look cute and festive, but as a reminder to be grateful.
Gratitude is something that we all need reminded about, OFTEN. It is TOO easy to take for granted what we have, we have soon, sooo much. Yes we all have struggles, yes, we all have wishes and wants, but as Lara said on Tuesday, “Gratitude makes what we have, enough.” (Click the quote for that Free Printable). Wouldn’t that be amazing to always be so grateful? What if you could always be content right where you are? I am often grateful, but I definitely need to reminders to help center my heart around gratitude constantly.
I love visual reminders. I really think everyone could benefit from a little reminder like this DIY Burlap Banner for Thanksgiving hanging in their house. Shambray is going to teach you how to make it, and you don’t even need a personal craft cutter like a Cricut. This is something that anyone can do.
Take it away Shambray! Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?
Shambray here.
Thanksgiving?!  The forgotten holiday.  Isn’t that what it seems like?  We get so excited for Fall and all the fun holidays that start in Fall and then carry us through the winter.  Halloween is what starts us off and then it seems that when Halloween is over we jump right to Christmas.  This is so sad because Thanksgiving is a great holiday to reflect on all the good in our lives.  It is a holiday to focus on things we are grateful or thankful for.
Since it is so easy to forget I had to come up with something that I would see every single day.  Something that was bigger than a small decoration that can be overlooked.  I wanted my home to show that we love Thanksgiving and that we did not forget this great holiday.
That is when I came up with the idea of a Thanksgiving banner.  I wanted it to be simple and fit in great with my Fall decor.  I didn’t know what word I wanted to put on it and then it came to me.  Gratitude.  So I got right to work so I could enjoy this great banner for the whole month of November.
1.  Cut out the burlap in the pendant shapes.  You can make these as big or as little as you want.  The ones in this tutorial are 11 inches long.  The bottom of the triangle is 9 inches.
2.  Sew the burlap pendants to the jute string.  Using the zigzag stitch will make it easier to make sure you sew along the jute.
3.  Print the gratitude letters from the supply list above or print another font that you like.
4.  Place the “G” behind the first pendant where you want the letter to be on the pendant.
5.  Using the sharpie follow the letter “G” by using the paper behind the pendant as your guide.
6.  Repeat steps 4-5 with each of the letters until you get to the end.
7.  Hang it up in a place you will see it often.  That way you can bring the spirit of Thanksgiving into your home as well.  Mine is the the heart of our home…the kitchen.  It hangs above our kitchen table and we see it every day.

So instead of Thanksgiving being the forgotten holiday, I hope it is one of our favorite holidays this season.  This banner will help me remember to have gratitude in my heart throughout November.

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