Cute Candy Christmas Tree

Cute Candy Christmas Trees

Tonight at a Christmas party, a friend of mine planned a simple, sweet Christmas Tree craft for the kids. A Candy Christmas Tree. It was creative and kept the kids busy, so the adults loved it.  It also involved lots and lots of candy so the kids loved it.  All the while, we blasted Christmas music and ate sugar cookies. Ahh nostalgia! Needless to say, we all had a good time. Thought I would share how to do this craft if anyone was looking for something for the kiddos to do at an upcoming party.

What you need:

Foam Craft cone

Dots (Double sided sticky tape found anywhere scrapbooking supplies are sold)



Individually wrapped candy

Tootsie Pops

Start at the bottom and wrap a strand of garland around the bottom edge of the cone. Next choose an individually wrapped candy and  stick a “Dot” to the wrapper.  Then stick the candy to the cone just above the garland. Continue sticking candies around the bottom of the tree just above the garland. When you have completed the whole bottom row, move up a row, slightly overlapping the candies to make sure the tree looks full and there are no bare spots.  Continue sticking  them on row by row, moving up as you go.  When you get to the top, take a tootsie pop, tape some long  ribbon to it just below the wrapper.  Stick it into the top of the cone and drape the ribbons down the tree.  Voila! Your own mini tree.  Pretty sweet if you ask me…literally.

Get creative with this idea! You could incorporate all kinds of things into a tree like this.  Hope all your parties are jolly.  Let us know what fun crafts are up your sleeves.

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