Christmas Tree Turtles

Christmas Tree Turtle Candy

Today I was really craving some Turtles. If you have never had Turtle candy, it is layered Chocolate, Pecans and Caramel. YUM.

A while back, I posted a really quick and easy method of making homemade caramels in the microwave in just 7 minutes. This makes it really quick to make homemade turtle candy. These Christmas Tree Turtle Candies would make great neighbor gifts for Christmas or a sweet treat to bring to a party.

How To Make Homemade Turtle Candy

(shaped like Christmas Trees)

  1. Place 3 pecans in the shape of an upside down “Y” and a half pecan to be a trunk between the top V of the Y. (shown below)Christmas Tree Turtle Candy.2
  2. Add a square of Homemade Microwave Caramel on top to stick the pecans together.easy microwave carmels1
  3. Add one more pecan to the top of the Caramel and coat with chocolate. Christmas Tree Turtle Candy5(use a double boiler or this to melt your chocolate)
  4. Let the melted chocolate cool in the fridge then eat up!Christmas Tree Turtle Candy.5

The fun thing is, you can make any shape that you want, like Spiders on Halloween, Bunny Rabbit on Easter, Hearts on Valentines Day. Any way you make them, they taste amazing!

Are these anyones FAVORITE candy?

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