Brighten Your Smile With This Strange Tip


Did you know that you can get “dentist feeling clean” teeth in 60 seconds?

All you do is take a capsule of Activated Charcoal and break it open in a small dish.

Brighten teeth with this awesome tip

Then, soak the tip of your toothbrush in water and dip the wet tip into the powder, soaking up as much as you can on the brush.

whiten teeth with this...

Count to 60 as you brush your teeth.

Make sure to take a picture because it looks hilarious.

See what it looks like here.

You seriously have to try this. Please share and link us to pictures of your pirate teeth once you have tried it!!

16 thoughts on “Brighten Your Smile With This Strange Tip”

      1. With toothpaste…. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa… And we do have soda and Candy here too…( But the charcoal tip is awesome!)

  1. Does this cause any sensitivity issues when using?. At home bleaching products cause a lot of sensitivity for me so if I can avoid this while brightening my teeth I am def willing to try it.

    1. Thanks for your comment Tara! Charcoal brightens by removing built up plaque and stains. (kind of like exfoliating) This is meant to be a use when needed kind of things as opposed to a regimen. It does not “bleach” them, so I would think you should be good to go for sensitivity! As I am not a dentist, you could always ask him at your next visit what he thinks.

    1. I have never heard that it is bad for you. You could try asking your dentist next time you go in, if you want a real professionals opinion:) If you do, let us know what he says! I really like doing it!

  2. Is there any taste? Like, does it taste horrible or does it taste like nothing? I’ve heard about this before and have wanted to trying it but I’ve been scared of the taste/after taste of using it.

  3. Is ordinary charcoal okay to use? I don’t know where to buy the capsule thingy. I think there is none in our place.

  4. Would it be damaging if done on a regular basis? What about in making your own homemade toothpaste with the peroxide, baking soda, &/or charcoal? Would all of this need to be answered by a professional as well?

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