Baby Bathtime Grip Shoes

Parenting Hack: Bath Shoes for Kids

Today, while I was taking my one year old to the bathtub, it dawned on me. Leave her shoes on! Why leave her shoes on? Because she is one! One year olds do not sit still, especially if they are already walking. She was wearing some grippy Baby Crocs with no socks. It was perfect!

For the last month, I have spend more time sitting her back down in the tub than actually bathing her. She loves to play in the water, stand, jump and splash but it is not safe.

So how did it go? It was the most fun we have had at bath time ever. I still sat on the edge and helped her when needed (no baby is 100% slip proof), but she was able to stand, walk, sit, splash and even laugh while bathing. This was so much better than the express wash that I normally do to get it over with while she is still sitting down.

I am so glad that I figured this out before buying one of those annoying suction Safety Mats for grip on the bathtub floor that was on my shopping list.

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*Make sure not to leave child unattended, even with these awesome shoes.

Here  is a printable coupon for all the mama’s of little ones from

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