All About Diamonds for the Bride To Be

I got really lucky to have gotten my husbands family heirloom ring for my engagement ring. It was his grandmothers. It is a timeless ring that will stay in style forever. It has three round cut diamonds with the center as the largest on a thin plain gold band. It is beautiful. I couldn’t have picked better. I don’t think that I would have wanted to deal with picking out the perfect ring! Its a lot of pressure! Good luck girls!

Here is what you need to know while looking at engagement rings to make sure that you get the very best! Hopefully by knowing what to look for this will help you out in your search for the perfect ring!

The Stone

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Colored or Clear Stone? Mined or Synthetic?

“As of 2010, nearly all 5,000 million carats (1,000 tons) of synthetic diamonds produced per year are for industrial use. Around 50% of the 133 million carats of natural diamonds mined per year end up in industrial use. The cost of mining a natural colorless diamond runs about $40 to $60 per carat, and the cost to produce a synthetic, gem-quality colorless diamond is about $2,500 per carat.[96] However, a purchaser is more likely to encounter a synthetic when looking for a fancy-colored diamond because nearly all synthetic diamonds are fancy-colored, while only 0.01% of natural diamonds are.” – Source

Certified or Non-Certified?

“There is no physical difference between a diamond that is certified and one that is not. A certificate does not change the nature of a diamond in any way. The difference between a certified and an uncertified diamond is that, with the certified diamond, you have tangible, legal assurances as to the particular nature and quality of the diamond you are purchasing.” – Source

The Cuts

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Not all cuts are created equal!

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Look for the arrows of symmetry!

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The Settings

Ideas Here

or Custom make your ring at The Diamond

Protect Your Ring

It is so important that  you have a Fireproof Safe in your home in case of natural disaster or home robbery. You can replace most things in your home but there are somethings that can never be replaced. Keep your sentimental jewelry and important documents in a safe like this. You can’t beat small investments like this from that protect your precious belongings effortlessly!

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You can also look at fake rings on to have a “false wedding ring”  that you can beat up or {lose} when traveling or gardening.

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Just for kicks, check out this $250,000 ring on! It’s massive!

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