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5 Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi at Home

We have probably all experienced slow or no internet in certain dead zones through the house. Sometimes, our Wi-Fi signal is just not strong enough to get through the whole house, or out to the workshop. Here are a few suggestions to help you boost your Wi-Fi signal.

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi at Home

1. Change the location of your wireless router. If your router is in a cabinet or tucked in a corner behind the desk (because that is where the cord reaches) try moving it to a central location that has freedom all around it. Keep it 20 feet from your microwave too.

2. Update firmware on all devices. We learned this one with our TV. It stopped connecting and tech support said that it needed a firmware update. To do this, each device will have different instructions. Thankfully, the internet makes it as easy as (Google “Update firmware on Sony Smart TV“) to learn how. Doing this, solved the problem.

3. Change the channel of the router. This is a more tech option, but if you are feeling smart, go to this website and learn how to change the channel. This option reminds me of walkie talkies. If everyone is using channel one, we will never be able to utilize it well. Simply change it to Channel 6 (for example) for a more usable station.

4. Get a better Wi-Fi antenna. Make sure to check for compatibility with your device.

5. My personal favorite option is to use a Repeater or Range Extender. This will make a huge impact on your range. Ever wondered how large hotels offer free Wi-Fi to all their guests? They use these.

I hope you all can get better connected with these tips.

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  1. Just curious how/why to keep it from the microwave because that’s exactly where our modem is sitting. I live in an extremely old house with only one phone jack which is practically next to the microwave. I wish we had a second one lol but it runs pretty well anyway. Just curious.

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