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10 cleaning tips

10 Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Do you spend more time scrubbing pots and pans in your kitchen than you do experimenting with different recipes? The ever-present task of deep cleaning the kitchen can seem daunting and take precious time away from family and other activities. To help make things run smoothly in your culinary realm, we’ve compiled our 10 cleaning tips for your kitchen that are sure to keep your space spick-and-span without feeling like a chore. From organizing tips to natural solutions for common problems like odors or hard water stains—find out how to master the perfect recipe for kitchen cleaning every time! These hacks can save you time and make tidying your kitchen easy and efficient.  With these simple tips, you can focus on creating delicious meals while still knowing that your kitchen looks its best every day and is a safe and sanitary place for cooking for your loved ones.

1. Keeping the refrigerator clean

10 cleaning tips

Line the meat and produce drawers with parchment paper or a paper towel. Personally, I prefer the paper towel because it is more absorbent and soaks up spills or excess moisture that may accumulate. Keeping your fridge clean and fresh is a wise investment. Not only does it ensure the quality of the food stored in there is not compromised, it also helps to prevent odors and contamination that can result from mold and bacteria growth. Lining your produce drawers can help maintain this hygiene, as well as give you an easy way to dispose of messes like spoiled fruit or leaky meat packages quickly. By making this kind of dedication to fridge maintenance, you can always be sure that the food your family eats is safe and tasty. Remember to change your parchment or paper towel regularly for optimal sanitation.

2.Put the sparkle back in your sink

10 cleaning tips

Reviving your dull white porcelain kitchen sink doesn’t have to be a challenge. Simply sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda over any errant scuffs and scratches before applying a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on a sponge and carefully rubbing those marks away. I know you’ll be pleased with the remarkable changes! It will take only a few minutes of your time and you don’t even have to break the bank. So go ahead and give that white porcelain kitchen sink of yours a much-needed makeover – its sparkle will last long after all the scrubbing is done! 

3. Cleaning the sink drain

Now that the sink is shining, let’s tackle that smelly drain. The most effective and cost-effective way to keep plugholes and drains clean and deodorized is with a simple homemade DIY solution. All you need is some vinegar or lemon juice, baking soda, and hot water. Not only are these ingredients easy to obtain anywhere at any time, but they are also non-toxic to use in your kitchen – it’s the perfect natural cleaner!  For a quick solution you can also place a dishwasher packet over the drain and pour boiling water over it until it completely dissolves.  This should keep your cooking area smelling fresh.

4.Cleaning the Microwave


This is probably one of the most used appliances in the kitchen.  Spatters and spills can quickly make things look like a bomb exploded in there, but there’s a simple and easy way to naturally clean and deodorize your microwave. Place a few lemon slices in a microwave-friendly bowl filled with a little water and put the power on for 2-3 minutes.  Don’t open the microwave for 5 more minutes. This hack uses the steam from the lemon and water to melt the grime away. It loosens the grease and stuck-on foods and will neutralize any lingering odors. Wipe down the sides and ceiling with a clean sponge.  You will find this significantly reduces the effort required to get a sparkling and fresh microwave.

5. Sanitizing your cutting board

Those cutting boards get used day in and day out and they are the perfect place for microbes and bacteria to grow if we don’t pay attention to them.  Lemons once again come to the rescue! Cut your lemon in half and rub it into the cutting board and sprinkle it with salt. Use the lemon to rub the salt into the cutting board too and let it sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.  Your stained, old cutting board will be refreshed, sanitized and looking like new.

6. Cleaning the blender

Looking for a simple way to clean your blender?  It couldn’t be easier than this!  After you make that morning smoothie, rinse the blender jar under running water in the sink and fill it with 3 cups of hot water.  Add one drop of dishwashing soap and place it back on the blender base. Turn the blender on and run for 1 minute then rinse it out with warm water.  Your blender will be clean even in those hard to reach corners and those blades will sparkle.

7.Cleaning kitchen blinds – Method 1

Blinds are a common window treatment for the kitchen area, but everyone dreads the seemingly time consuming task of cleaning them.  Here’s the hack that will make taking the dust and grime off your blinds or shutters a breeze. Pop an old, thick sock on your hand and dip it in warm water.  For extra cleaning power add some vinegar to the water. With the sock on your hand, use it to wipe over and in between the gaps of each slat. Rinse in water as needed and have those grungy, gray blinds looking sparkling clean in no time.

8. Cleaning kitchen blinds – Method 2

You can also lift the dirt and dust off those blinds by wiping them with a tumble dryer sheet. For this method, close the blinds and just work across.  Your dryer sheet can be new or you can even use it after it has been run through the dryer with a load of clothes.  Now that’s repurposing at its best!

9. Removing marks from white plates and bowls

Marks from metal knives and forks on white dishes and crockery can make the best place setting look second rate. However, you can remove those marks easily with a product called Barkeeper’s Friend. It comes in a paste or a powder.  I find the paste is easier to use – you simply squirt some on, scrub with a rough sponge cloth and rinse… and you’re left with a sparkling, scratch-free result.

10. Cleaning cloudy glasses

Many of us live in a hard water area and if you run your glasses through the dishwasher, it’s likely the glass has gone a little cloudy. It can be embarrassing to hand your guest a glass of cool, fresh water only to have it look like it came out of the frog pond because the glass is cloudy. But you can easily remove the deposits by cleaning with vinegar. Simply soak the glasses in white vinegar for five minutes. Then rinse and dry with a lint-free cloth. Ta da! Clear water in a clear glass!

Keeping a clean kitchen is key to improving the quality of your home life! Utilizing these 10 cleaning tips for your kithcen can be a huge time-saver, allowing you to spend your extra minutes doing something more enjoyable. And with improved sanitation, you can rest assured that you’re preparing meals in a safe and healthy environment. Don’t wait – try one of these ideas immediately and get your kitchen sparkling clean today. With these helpful tips in mind, plus some elbow grease, you can make sure your cooking space is always up to code. You deserve a glowing kitchen; put in a little effort and reap big benefits! 

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