10 Amazing Ways to Use a Pomegranate

10 Amazing Ways to Use a Pomegranate

Last week, I went to one of my favorite stores and found Pomegranates on sale for a dollar each! What a deal. That never happens, so I bought a bunch. I have been loving them in salads and eating them plain. Today for lunch I had a spinach, bacon, almond, pomegranate and cottage cheese salad with a apple cider dijon dressing. It was so good, I think that I will have it for dinner too. After scouring the internet for some more yummy ways to eat pomegranates, I hand selected 10 recipes to share with you.

Pomegranate Recipe1

by Two Peas and Their Pod (Love these guys).

 Pomegranate Recipe 2

by How Sweet It Is 

 Pomegranate Recipe 3

by Pomelo

I love that she calls these Dutch Babies like our family does. (AKA German Pancake)

Pomegranate Recipe 4

 by Give Recipe (Love Brussels!)

Pomegranate Recipe 5

by Gimme Some Oven (Pomegranate Pear Salsa! Dying over this.)

Pomegranate Recipe 6

by Moblie Bay Mag (Pom Pear Walnut Salad)

pomegranate recipe 9

by Vegetarian Gastronomy (Pomegranate Strawberry and Mint Lemonade)

 Pomegranate Recipe 7

by Meet the Shannons

Pomegranate Recipe 8

by Eat Live Travel Write

(Pomegranate Glaze)

Pomegranate Recipes

(or with a spoon!)

If you, like many, don’t know how to get the seeds out without making a huge mess, watch this quick video:)

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