The Mama’s Girls are Presenting at Pinners Conference!

Pinners Conference 2014 - the mamas girls will be presenting!

For any of you Utah folks out there, we have some exciting news!  We will be presenting at PINNERS CONFERENCE at the South Town Expo Center on NOV. 7th and 8th.  We are SO excited!  What is Pinners Conference? Well, have any of you heard of Pinterest?  It is like being IN Pinterest…in real life.  You can shop through the 200 booths of vendors from all over showcasing the newest, hottest trends in DIY, crafts, cooking, holidays, weddings, parties, baby, you name it.  Then, you can register for one, or multiple classes from some of your favorite bloggers on Pinterest. Mark your calendars ladies!  Does that sound like Girls Weekend Out or what?!?

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 We will be teaching the class ONE DOUGH TO RULE THEM ALL”

This class is for any of you who lack the basics, and a need a little motivation to learn to make bread.  Not only will we teach you step by step bread making, but we will teach you how to get HOMEMADE BREAD, on the table in UNDER ONE HOUR!  Not just any bread, but the most versatile, perfectly textured homemade bread, from start to finish, in UNDER ONE HOUR! That is quicker than any “convenient” freezer dough that you have to defrost and rise!

We have lots up our sleeves including some GREAT GIVEAWAYS, free warm bites of deliciousness, and all the skills you need to have your family saying, “My mom makes the BEST bread!”  We will showcase several breads, all made from the same dough, but “finished” in a variety of ways.  Some sweet treats, some savory bites, and some just plain addictive delights!


Come to Pinners Conference! Sign up for our class! Beginners and Betty Crockers alike, will benefit and gain all kinds of tips and tricks along the way. You won’t be disappointed!

But that’s not all…

You can save $5 per ticket by using our PROMO CODE: themamasgirls

Link to Pinners Conference by clicking the button below, and don’t forget to enter our promo code at checkout!





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    1. I wish it could be repeated all over the place! As of now, it is a Utah conference. It’s just a great excuse to plan a trip to the mountains, right 🙂

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