Mormon Mom Planner Review + Giveaway!!

The planner that changed my life!  A must-have for moms!

Earlier this year I bought the Mormon Mom Planner (They also make a planner for those of you who aren’t Mormon).  I had been trying to find a planner that would work for my life and I found it and I LOVE IT.  I thought that I could use my iPhone for planning, but I get a lot of satisfaction by writing things down and checking things off my list.

There are so many awesome features to the Mormon Mom Planner!  It has Family Home Evening planning pages, Book of Mormon Reading Chart, Holiday planning pages, Debt Elimination Calendar, Visiting Teaching pages, and those are just a few of my favorite parts of the Mormon Mom Planner.  (For a full list of features, go here.)

The Mormon Mom Planner gives you enough direction, but still has a lot of room to customize it to your needs.  There are blank spaces for meal planning or to-do lists.   (See photos below)

This planner is the perfect size to take with me in my purse.  The one thing I wanted was a pen holder, because my purse is like a black hole (no, seriously, that is  how I  know that string cheese doesn’t mold…it just gets rock hard…super gross, I know…I shouldn’t admit that).  But I did a little research and there is a cool invention for keeping pens on your notebook… I will be ordering this bookmark pen-holder for my planner soon.

And by the way…it is the cutest planner I have seen! Check out some of these pictures from my planner.  Make sure to enter the giveaway for a planner and some cute stickers!

Mormon Mommy Planner (20) Mormon Mommy Planner (19) Mormon Mommy Planner (18) Mormon Mommy Planner (17) Mormon Mommy Planner (16) Mormon Mommy Planner (15) Mormon Mommy Planner (14) Mormon Mommy Planner (13) Mormon Mommy Planner (12) Mormon Mommy Planner (11) Mormon Mommy Planner (10) Mormon Mommy Planner (9) Mormon Mommy Planner (8) Mormon Mommy Planner (7) Mormon Mommy Planner (6) Mormon Mommy Planner (5) Mormon Mommy Planner (4) Mormon Mommy Planner (3) Mormon Mommy Planner (2) Mormon Mommy Planner

Mormon Mom Planners have so kindly given one planner and some really cute planner stickers to one of our readers!  There are many ways to get extra entries…GOOD LUCK!



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53 thoughts on “Mormon Mom Planner Review + Giveaway!!”

    1. Angela…. They have planners for those who aren’t mormon and they are just as good. It is the best planner you’ll ever own. I love mine !!

  1. Bobbie Murphy

    I have been using this planner for the last year and will never purchase another brand! It really is the best planner for busy moms like us!

  2. I am a big time planner kinda mom and this is the best planner I have ever bought. Well actually…. my husband bought. 🙂 Sweet hubby bought it for me as a new years day present. Perfect gift that any mom could ask for. I have four boys and stay very very busy. Can’t live without my Mom Planner ! 🙂

  3. I just found out about this planner last week, and I think it looks amazing! Also, the creator of the planner very kindly answered some questions I had about her creative process!

  4. Lisa heinrichs

    I love how I have church and life together in one planner. Also so customizable for any family needs.
    Love love love it

  5. This is by far my favorite planner. It has changed my life too! I have been able to organize things that I need to get done, and I have everything I need all in the same spot.

  6. Wow. I must have this planner!! Love that this planner has reminders to keep God first AND it’s up to date in looks. 😉 I am Christian but not Mormon. I am wondering if the planner that isn’t Mormon still has all the Godly stuff in it? 😉 I like the reading chart but I would like for it to be for the Holy Bible. Is that available? Thanks for your answer in advance! 😀 By the way, this is a great site. Have the best week! 🙂

    1. This planner is adorable!!! Southern.chelle That is exactly what I am wondering. I am not Mormon but would love for it to have the Godly stuff still in it. I would love to have the reading for the Holy Bible as well. Would love to be able to customize. Hope to hear an answer soon. Thank you!

  7. REALLY? This is so wonderful, but who needs to have that much planning and organization in their life? My mother-in-law has a notebook that she writes every day what she needs to do, crosses it off and it is such a great (easy) life tool for her. ME? I just put into my phone the important things like party schedule during the holidays, birthdays and anniversary’s. I don’t have kids at home anymore and so don’t have the written schedule I used to keep. But what happened to the wall calendar for that stuff. I think that organization is wonderful, but this is a bit overkill when it reminds me to pray…..

    1. I love checking things off when I finish it. I guess it doesn’t necessarily remind me to pray, but a big check mark is like a pat on the back 🙂 I also love pretty things, and this is a pretty planner. Everyone finds the best system that works for them and their personality, I guess. Thanks for the other ideas!

  8. Just saw this on Pinterest and ordered the “Simple Planner” version right away! I have tried so many different planner/to do list apps on my iphone and still prefer a spiral planner. Have been looking for something with all of these features and can’t wait to start using this!

  9. I know your giveaway is over but, I must say that this planner may be what it takes for me to overcome my anxiety issues with regard to completing tasks both in and out of my home. I’ve tried different planners and making my own but, none seem to fit me so far and I’ve struggled to use them. I’m not Mormon, however, I am Episcopalian and raise my children in a faith based home. I will be saving up to give this one a try, (I recently lost my job so finances are tough) but, thank you for such a detailed review of this planner!

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