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Making the Day Special with Sofia The First

sophia the first videosToday was fun. This morning, we woke up, ate breakfast and watched Sofia The First, all before “baby brother’ woke up. I love spoiling my kids when I can.

Today was one of those days. We were asked to work with Disney’s Sofia The First, so we got to have a very special mommy-daughter date. I was especially excited about working with Disney’s Sofia The First because we are still in “Disney-mode” over here after our Disneyland Vacation last month.

The message that I want to share with you today is about helping each of your kids feel special now and keep them feeling special.

It is very important to me to give each of my kids some one-on-one attention each day. I think that they NEED it. Plus, little E is soo much more sweet throughout the day when she gets the one-on-one attention that she needs. Win. Win.

Some family friends of mine do this really cool thing to keep connected with their kids and to help them feel loved as an individual. This is what  they do. On the date of the kid’s birthdate for example: the 5th of every month, one or both of the parents do something out of the ordinary or fun with the child. This is designated one-on-one time that is not to be encroached upon by any sibling, text message or phone call.

This special date does not have to be extravagant. It could simply be going to get ice cream, going on a walk, or playing a board game. It is a time to talk and create that safe environment where they can feel love and acceptance.

This simple monthly gesture is how parents can remind their kids that they care about them as an individual.

Yes, this type of attention should be done more often than once a month, but having an ongoing date to check yourself really helps you keep it at the forefront of your mind and gives the kids something to look forward to.

Isn’t that so sweet? I love it.

sophia the first dress

For E’s special day, after watching some Sofia The First all morning, E and I went to the local toy store, ToysRUs. They have the newly released Sofia The First toy and dress up collection from Just Play. Walmart and Target carry the line too, but oddly enough I live closer to the specialty stores than the superstores.

When I got there, I let E pick which toy she wanted. They were all a great price, it didn’t matter to me what she picked out. After seeing the new light up and musical features on some of them, I did not know what she would pick. I should have known that she would pick the little figures. What little girl doesn’t love little figurines to imagine and to play with?

Also while we were there, I just had to get the dress, shoes and tiara too to make the play day complete.
sofia the first friends

Flashback-I remember the first time that I saw E “pretend play” with figures. She wasn’t even 1 yet. She was making her farmer and daughter give kisses. It was the cutest thing seeing her pretend for the first time.

Sofia The First

E likes Sofia The First because Sofia is a lot like her. Adventurous, inquisitive, brave, and oh-so -independent. As a mom, it’s nice to have her watch shows that show her that being a “princess” does not mean being richer/better/prettier than everyone else (like Sofia’s friend Amber sometimes acts like). Being a princess means that you treat people well, use good manners, and chase your dreams.

One of the unique catches for the Sofia The First is that she was just an ordinary girl who came into royalty. This makes it engaging and interesting because she is relatable. She is just learning what it takes to be a princess. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the trailer below.

I think that we could say, the costume along with the Sofia the First figures, took playtime from ordinary to extraordinary.

Watch this video of little E playing with her new toys.

Sophia The First

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