Recipes for real life

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Hello to all our favorite followers. It’s been a while. Can you blame us?! It has been a heck of year so we wanted to come back on here and share some love with you all. We appreciate all the email subscribers that have continued to visit our site to get recipes while we have been away. There is a lot to catch up on, but for now, here is a little gift to get the party started again.

ecookbook promo code

To celebrate this day, we are offering a discount code for our e-cookbook “Recipes For Real Life” because lets face it, lately “REAL LIFE” has been, well, pretty REAL.

So head on over to get of our exclusive content and make the day feel brand new tomorrow.

the mamas girls cookbook


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Tell me honestly, do you feel like you have woken up to the same day every day for the last year? Seriously.

If so, here is my suggestion. Switch it up! Seize the day! Try some new recipes.

Recipes for real life

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