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Solar Flashlight Giveaway

This year was the year that we finally decided to get prepared. Prepared for what? Anything I guess. We have been counseled our church to always have an emergency supply of food water and heat, and I would add, light. “Prepare ye every needful thing,” they say. There are many circumstances in which you could need to use three months of food storage,  a lost job perhaps? Where we live, it gets cold! If there was any threat at night to our family it could be devastating if we were not prepared. Imagine, a power outage in the dead of winter, would you be able keep your home warm? All these scenarios have crossed my mind in attempt to listen to the counsel of my church.

I recently came across a solar flashlight! What a great idea. When I was a child, my mom had a “plug-in” flash light in every room so that wherever we were in a power outage, there would be a light charged nearby. That was always a comfort as  a kid. Now knowing that plug in lights draw power, even when they are fully charged,  I love the solar idea. Free energy! There are many uses that I can think of when it comes to solar flashlights for preparedness or daily use, but I have found myself wanting several of these for different purposes.

For preparedness, I would like one at every bedside in case of a power outage or natural disaster so that we could all get to a safe place. No need to worry about batteries.

Right now I am letting my solar light stay in my little girls room. She in notorious for leaving flashlights on all the night and wasting batteries like crazy. We use rechargeable batteries, but if there was no power, we would have no way to recharge the batteries and then we would have a sad little girl. With solar, she can use the flashlight all night to look for monsters in her room, because it will naturally charge by her window during the day.

I also want to get one to keep one by the back door to always have a light charged and ready to go out to the shop or greenhouse after dark. I used mine the other night to go get a couple radishes from the garden to put in my tea to help with my cold.

I had an idea to hang one in the hen house to trick the hens to lay eggs during these shorter-day months. It would be easy to put it on the coop roof to charge during the day, and then hang it at night.

solar flashlight giveaway 2

What ideas do you have for one of these? Lucky for you I have partnered with Verilux to give one of you lucky readers one!


All you need to do to enter is visit our Instagram, @themamasgirls

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