Blendtec Giveaway


Blentec Giveaway

Did you see us on Studio 5 today? Didn’t those Limies look delish? Thanks for stopping by! SOOOO….. Anyway. I know why you are here. I would have come for the same reason.

Giveaway Time!!!!

We are so excited that we get to partner with Blendtec to host a giveaway. Ever since mine came in the mail, I haven’t missed a day blending. It really is true what they say, this IS the last blender that you will ever own, and watch out, you will probably start blending everything in sight. Watch out, rake handle. You’d better hide iPhone… The blendtec can blend anything! {but seriously, have you seen the videos?}

I am so excited to share a blender with one of you readers.

For those Blendtec super fans out there, the first three options give you 5 entries! See how many entries you can collect, because it’s not about luck, it’s about numbers. Plain and simple.

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Blendtec Blender - Certified Refurbished

11 thoughts on “Blendtec Giveaway”

  1. Love this machine! I have a daughter getting married this month. Would make a fantastic wedding gift for them!

  2. Saw your yummy Summer Smoothies on Studio 5 today!! Can’t wait to try them!! Hope to make them for my grandkids! But I will be using an old blender, which I think will work? Thank you for sharing the recipe!!!

  3. claudia twede

    Winning this Blendtec would be a Dream! Your smoothies you showed on studio 5 look D E L I C I O U S!!!!

  4. I love fruit desserts and drinks. The smoothie recipes on Studio 5 today I look forward to trying. Love to win that blender; mine shoots liquids at me even when I hold the lid!

  5. Yum! Going camping lots this Summer. Hope to be packing along my new Blendtec & making some of these refreshing Summer drinks!

  6. Annie Stevenson

    We have heard great things about blend tech and would love to own one. Thanks for the yummy recipes!

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