About Becky


BeckyI’m Becky, the “Mama” of The Mamas Girls.

Most people know me as Becky, but to my “grandbuddies” I’m Grandma B. We always get together with the whole family at least every other Sunday at our house for a big family dinner.  Being with family is my favorite thing in the world!

My husband and I are now empty-nesters and live on a little 3 acre farm in the suburbs. We feed our chickens the kitchen scraps and they thank us by giving us fresh eggs every day. We have a huge vegetable garden, a big berry patch, grape vines, walnut trees and just about every kind of fruit tree. I think I could make a darn good fruit salad right out of my backyard!  In the fall, I can be found making lots of jams, salsas, pickles and canning my own chunky cinnamon applesauce (which my grandkids have dubbed “Grandma Sauce!”) 

When I was in my 30’s, and my girls were young, besides helping them with homework, running them to dance lessons & sports practices, and sitting on the bleachers for their games, I owned and operated a Bed & Breakfast Inn.  I cooked breakfast for my overnight guests each morning and catered dinner parties, banquets and wedding receptions on occasion. (Now that I’m…ahem…a little bit beyond my 30′s, I wonder how I ever had the energy to do it all!) I did gain a lot of experience cooking and feeding a crowd! 

It’s fun to watch as my girls are now in the stage of life where they are raising their own children! It’s so much fun to be the grandma and just stand by (trying not to giggle) when their kids do the usual kid stuff that drives their mothers crazy! My girls married the best husbands and they are wonderful mothers. I’m so proud of them! (And of course, my “grandbuddies” are perfect!)

Though I no longer run a Bed & Breakfast, I still enjoy cooking for my family and friends.  It’s a good thing that they’re good sports, because I like to try out new recipes on them! 

My favorite thing about blogging with my daughters is that we get to spend time together, even if it’s just on Skype! Sometimes our “meetings” get a little silly and crazy while we wrangle all the kids, but it’s all worth it! My girls are amazingly talented. Each of us play a different role in our blogging business. It’s rewarding to see their talents and strengths develop. Plus, I love that I can end a “business” phone call or email with “Love you sweetie!” or “I love your guts!” (How many people get to do that?)

In my “spare” time (wait, what? Is there such a thing?) I love to sew and do the usual “Suzy Homemaker” stuff around the house. In fact, my sister in law has nick-named me “Becky Homecky!”

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