About Ali

aliHello everyone! I am Ali the youngest sister.  I am definitely spoiled. I live relatively close to all of my family and get to see them often. I have two wonderful kids and got really lucky with the man I married. Here we are more than five years later and I still adore him.
At home, I love to cook without recipes, sew without patterns and sing to songs I don’t know the words to, {as long as no one around because I am timid-beyond timid about that sort of thing}. I have a hard time accomplishing tasks because I start 40 million tasks at once and make my way around them until they are all partway done. I am trying to get better about finishing things.
For work, I am a Hairstylist and Master Esthetician which would surprise many who had just met me. Why? I like to camp, raft, fish and play outside, which means that often I let the wind style my own hair. January will be my 10 year mark for this career path and am finally taking a step back to stay at home with my kids and live the “blogger” dream.
To get to know my interests, I will describe my perfect day. I would sleep in until after 9 and then make a delicious breakfast. I’d give special attention to both my children thoughout the day. I would work in a garden of course! I’d love to learn something new, create something beautiful, organize a space, and listen to uplifting music or talks. I would spend time in the sunshine or mountains, have my husband come home early from work (or not go at all). To play, I’d find some water, like a nearby lake or river. For dinner, I would cook on the BBQ and then stay up late with a big bowl of popcorn relaxing to a movie.
Do you feel like you know me now?
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