A Few Of My Favorite Things Under The Tree – Giveaway

Favorite Things Giveaway

I am so excited to share (literally) what is sitting under my tree right now! See giveaway instructions below.

Before getting into the goods, I just wan’t to say how awesome it is to work with these shops. I am so impressed by these little local shops are for going for it! They are thriving in a Wal-mart world. There are so many creative and talented people out there, I am so glad to know and support them. This post is to remind you readers to think of the small shops during this shopping season.

Here are five shops that I would like to feature:


Indy & River is a friend and local artist. She is working on the CUTEST painted animal collection that eventually will be made into a Children’s Alphabet book. I bought a grundle of her greetings cards, not only to give along with gifts but to give AS gifts. I stinking love them. She has great style. She not only paints,  but refinishes and even makes furniture. You really need to check out her Instagram feed to see her work. Follow Instagram feed here.


Zions Den Apparel, an appropriately named Utah shop, sells adult and children’s leggings, scarves, headbands and beanies. Isn’t this scarf that she makes to die for? I love the print and its so soft too. Follow Instagram feed here.


June & Penny is an old friend of my from when I grew up. I remember playing “Monsters” and making honey taffy at her house as a kid. We now have similar aged children  and love her local shop. She makes high-quality bracelet stackers for mommy and baby and also really unique morse code necklaces. Man, they  are darling. Follow Instagram feed here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 4.53.45 PM

Bums and Beans makes fun/funky pillows and tag blankets. She is known for her panda dolls. I got to meet her in person recently and she is such a sweetheart. I got this pillow for my chair, but my daughter has taken it over and plays “house” with it. Fun for a statement piece, or a toy. Follow Instagram feed here.


Little j Headbands is a friend of the family. She started making these AMAZING headbands and now has beautiful scarves too. This girl has some skills with a hook. Follow Instagram feed here.


Ok, lets get down to the nitty-gritty (say that in your best Nacho Libre voice…). I know that you want to win these treasures- so I am going to tell you how.




  • Example: Yay for local shops! @yourmom @mybestfriend @mysister


Good Luck!  Giveaway ends Saturday December 20th at midnight. Winner will be announced on our Instagram feed @themamasgirls.

Here is what you will get (colors may vary):

20 cards in package from Indy and River, Headband from Littlej Headbands, Home Sweet Home pillow from Bums and Beans, Infinity Scarf from Zions Den Apparel, Double stacked bracelet from June and Penny.

cards scarf 1 house pillow little j june & penny

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