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The Best Valentines Gift for your Significant Other

Valentines Day is a special one for me this year.  I have been married for 10 years! Little did I know, my hubby had spent months planning my anniversary gift. I’ll preface in saying he did not get me jewelry. He did not mimic a scene in all those commercials that show the romantic dinner, a few sweet words, and one, glistening tear as the woman opens the box, and everyone knows, “He went to Jared”. I’m sure “Jared” is a very nice place, but my husband went a different direction.  “He went to Mixbook”.

It took him months of preparation, in secret, to compile about 1300 pictures, in order of years, into 150 pages of some of the most precious memories we have. When our anniversary came, he hiked me up the mountain where he proposed, and pulled out a romantic picnic dinner for two. I was already over the moon with the with the sentiment of him taking me to such a special place, but at the end of our meal, as the sun was setting,  he blew all that out of the water when he unveiled THE book. Time stopped, flashed backwards and then meandered, slowly forward again as we spent a good half  hour looking through every detail of every picture on every page. I got to relive our courtship, our wedding, having my babies, family vacations, homes, and all kinds of other moments that were stuck in a dusty old box at the back of my brain. I have NEVER received as gift like that in my life! I could just sit and look at it for hours.

Since that day, the Mixbook sensation has spread throughout our family.  My in-laws have made books of our extended family vacations. We leave them out in the living room where we can look at them whenever we want…and we do! I’m just sayin’…if I only ever received a Mixbook album for every anniversary for the rest of my life, I would be one happy lady.

BAM! That was the sound of me jumping off my very big, very tall soapbox. Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. If you want to win a the giveaway, listen up.

What is the Prize:

ONE $20 gift card to Mixbook.com

How you Enter:

You receive ONE entry for commenting on this post.

You will receive TWO entries for subscribing to our email (You can do this on the side bar just under “Free Email Subscription”

When will the winner be Chosen:

We will draw a winner this Friday February 14, and post the winner at 3:00 that afternoon. Good luck everybody!


Sweepstakes has ended! We have a Winner!

We are currently trying to contact the winner via email and will update you on a name shortly! Thanks all for entering. Stay tuned for our next great giveaway!

9 thoughts on “$20 Mixbook Giveaway!”

  1. Best present in the history of anniversary presents! I would love one of these. My brother- and sister-in-law have started creating an annual book, of their year for themselves and to give to my mother-in-law (all their other parents are deceased). Everyone loves to flip through it! The pics are awesome and my b-i-l’s dry humor (in small posts) makes it all the better to flip through. I love it when I make the pages!

  2. Fantastic – when something is made & given as a gift a part of ones self is given! It’s the time, love & caring that is pricess!!
    Yep! I do think he ❤️’s You!

  3. My BF always gripes that we don’t have enough pictures.It would be fun to dig up some old ones and put them all in one place for him to see!!

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