How to Look and Feel Cute Pregnant

It is a challenge finding out How to Look and Feel Cute Pregnant. I am on my 4th pregnancy now, and I think I have a few things figured out.  Hopefully I can share some of my pregnancy advice, so you won’t have to wait until your 4th pregnancy to feel cute. It comes down to two simple steps.

1. Get Cute Maternity Clothes

Maybe the stores just have way better clothes, or maybe I am a little more daring this time around.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on your maternity wardrobe, because if you get the basics you will be able to mix and match daily.  Here are a few of my basics that I am in love with…

Keep in mind that you may be in maternity clothes for up to a year. Invest in some good staples to help avoid those closet frustrations.


Long T-shirts will lengthen the torso, and cover up the maternity waistbands. Gap has some great fitting Maternity T’s. I especially like to find the ones with a little ruching on the sides.

Cardigan Shawls are great way to show off that cute belly and hide the little love handles that may be accompanying your little baby bump.

Skinny Belts  are great for putting over looser fitting tops. Wearing it just below your bust will accentuate your thin waist and show off that round bump.


Maternity Leggings will become your new best friend. My favorite ones are from Agnes and Dora (see Promo Code and Giveaway at the end of this post). They are not  actually sold as “maternity”-but are very stretchy and comfortable. I would be willing to wager that they are the most comfortable leggings out there. They come in all kinds of fashionable colors. When I first got my order, I was nervous that they looked too small but I could not believe how much stretch they have!

agnes and dora leggings

Agnes and Dora makes some darling pencil skirts too. They are not your typical tight, uncomfortable, business pencil skirt. They are so comfortable and flattering and pull on easy like a pair of sweats. Agnes and Dora pencil skirts are made with a thick stretchy fabric. When shopping for maternity, I would buy one size up from your regular size for your last couple months.

Agnes and Dora Maternity Skirt

Maxi Dresses – I have found great dresses at Alloy and Old Navy.  Somedays, you may just want to skip a waistband all together. Maxis are a great option for those days.

Maxi Skirts – Once again Agnes and Dora takes the cake! Stylish and comfy is all you need.

2. Get Ready Everyday

If you plan things right while shopping maternity, getting up and getting dressed can be as easy as sweats and a T-shirt. You will feel comfortable and confident without any extra work. This is important because you may not have excess energy! I actually like to sleep in my Agnes and Dora leggings:) This leaves a little extra energy to brush your hair and splash on some make up. It really does help when you get ready.

Agnes and Dora Giveaway


After following Agnes and Dora, please feel free to use the Promo Code MAMASGIRLS15 for 15% off your next purchase!

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  1. I am agreed with you. These are all really good tips for look and feel cute pregnant. I think if pregnant mom follow these tips they can stay look good and feel cute pregnancy. This is really useful for pregnant mother. Thanks for the providing advice.

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