French Style Canister Labels For The Kitchen and Food Storage

The perfect canister labels for your kitchen storage! I have been searching for the perfect labels to put on my kitchen glass jars. I decided to make my own, and because I love our followers, it is now a free printable.  Simply click the image that you want and then drag it to the desktop or right click and save.

NOTE :  Waterslide Decal Paper is what you need to print them on to get them to stick to your canisters. Make sure to get a sealant so that the ink wont smudge.  I hope you like them as much as I do!!


Yes, I am aware that the french may not be totally grammatically correct or even close. I used google translate in the creation process. If there are some words that are off, consider it a conversation starter:) For custom labels click here.


whiteflourwildrice whitesugar whiterice wheatflour quinoa powderedsugar popcorn jasminerice brownsugar brownrice botanrice

honey bakingpowder tablesalt koshersalt oliveoil coconutoil balsamicvinegar

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34 thoughts on “French Style Canister Labels For The Kitchen and Food Storage”

    1. You ARE welcome!!! I hope to design more for organization, etc. Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter to see upcoming posts.

  1. Love your design! I have done similar kitchen labels using Avery (or other brands) clear address labels. Out of curiosity, what do the numbers mean?

    1. That is good to know that the address labels work. I really like the decal paper, I have been putting decals on everything. The numbers are just a part of the design. I made all of them different but the first number categorizes them for me. Flours, Sugars, etc. Thats all:)

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely labels. I was wondering if there was one that could be downloaded of the milk label shown? Thanks

        1. Correction: I guess it would be better for the labels to say “Coffee (beans)”, and “Coffee (ground)”, in keeping with the rest of the labels. Thank you so much for these!

        2. Oh Sue, I wish that I could make these for you, however, I lost original file in a hard drive crash. If I make another version I will keep that you mind. Thanks!

  3. Hi,my name is Cindy.I just love your labels ,there very pretty and it was very generous of you to share them.I would love to decorate my kitchen with these elegant labels.One of the things I noticed right away is that you thought of all the common things that most people have in there kitchens and then some.I just wanted to ask,I noticed in your picture there is a label for Soda,baking which is something I use and would enjoy it for the set but as I went down the pictures of the labels to download the Soda,baking isn’t there.Please don’t think I’m complaining,I am thrilled with what I have I just wondered if I missed something,I do sometimes.If you get a chance to respond that’s great,if not I understand,believe me.Thanks again.Sincerely,Cindy.

    1. Hi Cindy, Thanks for bringing that to my attention. My original file must have been deleted. I will re-create it when I get a chance, and post it for you. Also thanks for reading! Subscribe if you like what you see:)

  4. Hi Ali!!
    Love the design!!! Just a question, ( I’m not good at all with computers 🙁 ) I would love the labels to be in light blue, can you tell me if I can do it by myself?! Or…. if you could make the option to choose colors?…!!! I t would be the perfect holiday gift! 😉
    Happy Holidays!!

  5. I love these. Going to do this for my kitchen this year. Can you make one for TEA? Thanks I think these are so cool. Been looking for something for my canisters and glass jars for a long time. Thanks

  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift. Found it on Pinterest. Will sign up to follow. One request/suggestion is to post a “blank one” if people want to do their own and maybe share them with you! Thanks again.


  7. Hi… just wanted to say that I totally love your labels, you put in some good thought for them… fantastic.
    I use a lot of spieces and the like and my question to you is what is the font that you use in your letters, as I would love to make some myself and they would match yours perfectly…
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Merci pour ces modeles superbes, bien sur le français est un peu approximatif, mais c’est ce qui fait son charme.
    Thank you very much….

  9. Thank You so much for these gorgeous labels, they are beautiful and hubby wants to update our pantry with all jars labelled etc… was wondering if you would have any for Coffee, Hot Choc, Decaf Coffee and Frothy Coffee????Thanks again for all your hard work in creating these and sharing them with us all..Bless you..xxxx

  10. Hi, I really like you labels. They are very nicely done even if the French is not always correct. It s charming !Probably the same way as my English is LOL!.What fonts did you used so I can wrote them in French? ( I can even translate them for you)

  11. Hi i love the work that u have done and would love to know what font did u use as i have many jars to fill with different stuff and do not want to have different labels but the same style thank you

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